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About TDA

A Bold Vision for the Future

Trenton Downtown Association

Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) is a small nonprofit organization making a significant impact in New Jersey's state capital.

Established in 1986, TDA is dedicated to strengthening downtown Trenton through innovative programs aimed to promote economic growth and encourage investment in the city's future. TDA supports a wide range of activities designed to establish downtown Trenton as a competitive location for business owners, an engaging center for workers and visitors, and a wonderful place to live. Our activities include recruitment and retention, public relations, advocacy, marketing, referrals, partnerships, development and job creation.

Over the years, TDA has also hosted many events, such as the Capital City Farmers' Market, Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series and Patriots Week. These events are a source of positivity and pride for Trentonians, and attract visitors to our city.  

The future of downtown Trenton is bold and ambitious.  To succeed, it must include a clean and safe commercial district, increased support for local businesses, outreach to the community, continued support of the arts and culture,  and collaborative public policy planning and advocacy.

Our Staff

Program Manager
Amanda Donald

Operations Manager
Michael Santella

Gloria Evans

Clean and Safe Ambassadors
James K. Bethea
Zachary Carey
Charles Devitale
Michael Ford
Harrry McQueen

Trenton Downtown Association
Board of Directors - 2024

Bryan Evans, Board Chair
Austin Edwards, Vice Chair
Rob L. Wilborn Jr, Co-Vice Chair
Anne LaBate, Treasurer
Dr. Gonzalo Perez, Secretary

Kamal Bathla
William "Butch" Osterman
Eric Maywar
Reggie Hallett

Steve Mania
Cassie Sanchez
Taraun Tice McKnight
Roland Pott

Raoul Momo
Liad Ontiri
Quayshaun Williams
Wayne Downing

At Large Members:
Wayne Staub

Government Representatives:
Anthony Carabelli, Jr.
Andres Lomi
JoAnn Povia
Jennifer Williams, Councilwoman

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors of the Trenton Downtown Association meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Most meetings take place on Zoom. All meetings are open to the public.
Tuesday, May 21, 9 am - CANCELLED
Tuesday, June 18, 9 am
Tuesday, July 16, 9 am
Tuesday, August 20, 9 am
Tuesday, September 17, 9 am
Tuesday, October 15, 9 am
Tuesday, November 19, 9 am
The TDA Annual Meeting is held every December as an in-person event. We will announce the date and the location of the 2024 Annual Meeting once details are final.

RSVP to info@trenton-downtown.com
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