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Much Better Studios

Business Spotlight
October 24, 2023

Photographer Quayshaun Williams:
Getting Real. Going Viral.

Quayshaun Williams has earned a reputation as one of the most creative maternity photographers in the region, maybe the country. But that is just one of his many talents. His portfolio includes intriguing portraits, unique family and other group photos, and some select photography. His “Much Better Studios” also provide space for artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their work and collaborate. At some point soon, he expects to offer workshops and launch a podcast. 

Photographer Quayshaun Williams

Born and raised in Trenton, Quayshaun was always interested in people and in business, two traits that serve him well as a photographer. While working as a barista, he got to know a lot of his customers. He would ask them questions about themselves. “I love to hear people’s stories,” he says. His inquisitive nature did not go unnoticed. A customer who worked at Merrill Lynch recommended Quayshaun for a customer service related job. He got a great deal of business experience in that role, and was even named “employee of the year” during his years there. 

After starting a clothing line, he moved to Atlanta to expand the business. While that didn’t work out, something he noticed, quite by accident, piqued his interest during that period in his life. “I noticed that people would love to come into this one restaurant and take photos in front of a grass wall. It was like a photo opp,” he notes. 

He started to create his own photo opps, and people loved it. And he loved the way that made him feel. After moving back to the area, his photography skills and his business blossomed during the pandemic. “The world was shutting down and no one could go anywhere, but they would come to my house for photoshoots. They were losing their jobs, their events were being canceled, and many were starting their own businesses,” he recalls. “My business started to take off.” He also had a daughter on the way, which motivated him not only to work harder but also to discover his niche—maternity shoots. 

His “underwater” maternity photos are among his most iconic, with some couples traveling across the country for a session. One of his most recent already has nearly 400,000 likes on Instagram. He certainly has a talent for building social media engagement as well!

He encourages everyone to stop by to see his new studio on South Warren Street, and looks forward to working with local business owners on helping them build their brands through custom photography. He chose South Warren Street for his second Much Better Studios location—the other is on Clinton Street—because the vibe was just right. “The business owners on and around South Warren are amazing; they take so much pride in all they do,” he says. “And they greeted me with open arms.”

Much Better Studios is located at 125 South Warren Street, Trenton, NJ.  Learn more at www.muchbetterworld.com.

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