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Trenton Downtown Association Announces Executive Board

March 1, 2021

TRENTON, N.J., March 1, 2021—Trenton Downtown Association has announced that Roland Pott has recently been named Chairman of the Board, joining John Thurber as Vice Chairman, Kristine King as Treasurer and Eric Maywar as Secretary. Willard Stanback, who most recently served as Chair, will remain an active member of the Board.

Each of TDA’s four executive board members brings unique experience to their role, yet they share a common goal and commitment to see Trenton reach its full potential as a great place to live, work and visit. “This Board is fully immersed in the community of Trenton, living and/or working here for many years,” says TDA’s Interim Executive Director Patricia Hall, who served on the board herself for many years.

Chairman Roland Pott is a real estate developer, broker and consultant; property manager; and President of Trenton Makes, Inc. He is also the Broker of Record for the New Jersey Office of Slatehouse Property Management Group, LLC. As a real estate developer, he has worked on the redevelopment of several historic properties on South Broad and South Warren Streets in downtown Trenton, and has managed the rehabilitation and sale of dozens of residential properties.

He got his start in the real estate business in 1991 when he financed and opened the Urban Word Cafe in Trenton. He later opened and ran a live music venue and has developed many mixed-use real estate projects. He continues to own and manage residential, retail, office and parking projects that include more than 50 tenants.

A resident of the Mill Hill District in Trenton, Mr. Pott also serves as Treasurer of the Old Mill Hill Society. He has previously co-chaired the Mayor’s Trenton Train Station Advisory Committee and served on the Trenton Green Team as well as various boards including Isles, Inc., I Am Trenton Community Foundation, and Artworks.

Vice Chair John Thurber recently retired after serving many years as Vice President for Public Affairs at Thomas Edison State University. He was the founding director of the University’s John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy.

In addition to serving as vice chair of the TDA Board, Mr. Thurber currently serves as chair of the Mercer County Improvement Authority and is a board member for the Bunbury Fund. He has previously served as chair of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation and the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Treasurer Kristine King is the owner of K Weidel Insurance, where she began her career at age 18. “Not only have I been here for years, but K Weidel is open every work day, even during COVID-19. Many of our clients pay us weekly, stopping in to pay in person,” she explains. “We are all very invested in the city and understand both the opportunities and the challenges.”

Secretary Eric Maywar is the Economic Development Specialist for the City of Trenton, where he is responsible for economic development, business attraction and retention, and buy local initiatives. Although new to the role of secretary, Mr. Maywar has served on the TDA Board for several years, offering his expertise in planning and operations, as well as the experience of being a small business owner himself. His store, Classics Used Books, not only sells books but also donates some to area children.

“We believe it’s important to give back to the community and engage in the community in as many ways as we can,” adds Ms. Hall. “This board’s membership is in every way an integral part of downtown Trenton.”

In addition, TDA is pleased to welcome Wayne Staub as a new member of its Board. Mr. Staub is the Vice President of Member Services for New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA), playing a key role in both short-term and long-term strategic planning.

For a complete list of TDA’s Board members, visit trenton-downtown.com.

About Trenton Downtown Association

Trenton Downtown Association, located at 16 East Hanover Street, in the heart of downtown Trenton, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen and support the business district of New Jersey’s state capital with programs that promote its economic growth and investment. Its staff is involved in business recruitment and retention, public relations, advocacy, marketing support, referrals, partnership development and job creation.

For more information, call 609-337-8439, email info@trenton-downtown.com or visit trenton-downtown.com.

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