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TDA Installs Solar-Powered Digital Signs

February 7, 2024

A Sign of the Times:
Solar-Powered Digital Signs Modernize the Neighborhood Message Board

The Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) wants to make it easy for visitors to find their way around the Capital City and for residents to keep up to date on community events. They also want you to know when to carry an umbrella or where to catch a bus whenever you are in downtown Trenton.

Three solar-powered digital kiosks were recently installed in downtown Trenton to accomplish all of the above, and more. Digital kiosks can display news and weather feeds, transit feeds, calendar feeds, digital flyers and advertisements, and can be found in cities and other walkable neighborhoods across the country. They are designed to provide useful, real-time information to passersby.

Bryan Evans, Chair of the Trenton Downtown Association, expressed the need for an innovative, highly localized platform to promote community events, share urgent news immediately, engage the community through interactive content like polls, and assist with navigation in downtown Trenton. “The wayfinding map feature was particularly appealing to us,” Evans said. “Our district is home to numerous hidden gems that many might not be aware of or may inadvertently overlook. Our goal is to engage passersby, inform them about what’s happening in downtown Trenton, and serve as a valuable informational resource.”

Evans noted that the signs are 100 percent sustainable and powered by the sun, which means that there are no wires and no emissions. You can find the kiosks at 312 East State Street, North Warren Street near 20 West State Street (in front of the Mary Roebling Building) and 50 West State Street, all in downtown Trenton.

“We can swap out content fairly quickly to post time-sensitive information and announcements. To reach the most people, it’s important to communicate using a variety of methods and platforms, from email and social media to flyers and postcards. This is an exciting new option,” Evans noted. “We hope people stop by and check them out.”

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