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Alia Bensliman: Handmade Watercolors

Presented By:
Artworks Trenton

Join the artist Alia Bensliman as she leads an art-making workshop at Artworks Trenton, in conjunction with the exhibition Reciting Women: Alia Bensliman and Khalilah Sabree featuring her work on view at Art@Bainbridge. This workshop is offered in partnership with the Princeton University Art Museum and Artworks Trenton. Beginner and intermediate artists will explore how to create their own handmade watercolors palette. The session will address the importance of sustainable art and the rewards of creating your own organic watercolors.

Students should wear clothing that can get stained. Suitable for students ages 15 and up. All materials will be provided. Space is limited and registration is required.


By entering the following address you’ll find the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission: 120 S Stockton St &, E Front St, Trenton, NJ 08611. The Artworks Parking Lot is directly across from this location.

Class Goals:

  • Students will get different recipes to create paint.
  • Student will try out their newly created paint.
  • Students will go home with instructions, three different colors, a small painting that they’ll create.
  • Students will take home their own kit so they can continue making watercolor at home.

With homemade watercolors, micron pens, and a passion for color and pattern, Alia Bensliman celebrates Amazigh women, Indigenous to North Africa. Embedding vivid portraits within tessellations inspired by Islamic arabesque motifs, she observes traditional Amazigh textiles, jewelry, and tattoo symbols while creating space to reflect on her own life and experience.

Alia Bensliman: Handmade Watercolors
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