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Opening reception for Issa Vibe

Presented By:
Artworks Trenton

“Self-taught” artists are sometimes met with a certain stigma from those who are classically/formally trained within the art community. In some instances, this is an internal projection, in others it’s external and tangible. But there’s space for creative expression in many forms, from all sources, because THAT IS ART. Its essence is from the soul of the artist, being transferred into those absorbing what has been created. The artist feels something. Those consuming the art feel something.

In these times of turmoil, from pandemics to global wars, there can be peace found in telling our own stories, in our own towns, in our own spaces, through creative expression. This takes effort and clear intention, the heart of this proposed exhibit.

The artist of Issa Vibe: Self Taught Discovery of Color understands the marriage of these dynamics: teaching one’s self and the ART oozing from the lived existence in this community, locally and beyond. This exhibit is an embodiment of creating from the soul, the bravery of sharing with the world, and continuing to create to bring color and light, when the outside world doesn’t seem as bright.

Opening reception for Issa Vibe
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