5 Easy Ways to Mix It Up on Instagram

5 Easy Ways to Mix It Up on Instagram
1. Keep It “Reel” and Tell Your Story

It’s no secret that video catches and keeps attention, and you don’t have to be a videographer, or even use complicated editing tools, to post engaging video and animated content. Instagram Reels are short video posts set to music that you create right from the app. Reels are a lot like TikTok, built into your Instagram app, so you don't need to maintain another platform.

Quick Tip: Don’t overthink your videos. Just make them!

2. Use Your Phone!

These days, the camera on your phone is probably all you need to capture high-quality photos and video. So, take it out of your pocket or handbag and start creating content. Quick Tip: Take the same photo a few times, maybe from slightly different angles, and think about where the light is hitting your subject. Natural light is always a good bet.

3. Keep the Conversation Going

Be sure to respond to comments on your posts and start conversations on other pages. Add questions/polls to your own stories and respond to others.

Quick Tip: If you don't have time to comment, or can't think of what to say, just add a few emojis. It will keep you a part of the conversation and top of mind.

4. Share Content

This is such a simple trick, but it keeps your brand in front of others and can show your support for other businesses and organizations in the area. If you see something interesting on another page, add it to your own stories. Quick Tip: Just click the share button from a post and boom—you can add it to your story.

If you have a couple more minutes, you can add your own comments to the story like we shared this NJ.com story.

5. Just Do It

Get in the habit of posting consistently and try to alternate between Posts and Stories, at least to start. Quick Tip: You can save a favorite Story as a Story Highlight so it won't disappear in 24 hours.

Add a Reel once you get confident with the other features. Go Live when you want to capture something in the moment.

Still sounds like a lot of work? Start with the basics. Be sure the account is set up as a Business account, check the info in your bio to make sure it's up to date, provide contact info, add a link to your website or Facebook in the bio, post high-quality photos, use hashtags, and tag people and businesses. And remember, TDA is here to help! Let us know if you are interested in learning more.