Get to Know Your Customer

Get to Know Your Customer

Getting to know and understand your customers strengthens your relationships with them and their loyalty to your business. And when you use that information to give them what they want—whether it's longer hours, more flavors or more personalized service—everyone wins. Here are some surefire ways to do that.

4 Ways to Engage and Connect with Your Customers

1. Spend Time with Your Customers. 

Sounds simple enough, but when was the last time you sat down and chatted with your customers? One way to create opportunities for that kind of engagement is by sponsoring or hosting events. And remember to get their email addresses!

2. Capture Customer Data! 

If you send out a marketing email, you can see who is opening it and what they are reading. That will tell you a lot about their likes and interests. And don't forget to create customer profiles in a database so you can quickly see how much they engage with your business, what they purchase, etc.

3. Read Your Online Reviews and Respond to Them.

Whether the review is negative or positive, it’s important that you pay attention to what is being said about your business. You can learn a lot from this information. It’s important to respond when you can. Be appreciative, say “thank you” in response to positive reviews. If a review is negative, if it’s warranted, explain how you are rectifying a situation.

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Story Features. 

It's easy to create a poll sticker on Instagram Stories. Or set up a quiz or emoji slider. These simple tools can be used as informal "market research!" And they are free!