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Out and About with Joey Procaccino

May 12, 2021

Meet TDA’s Community Advocate

He’s one of Trenton’s biggest fans. And one of TDA’s most ardent supporters. With a contagious smile and an abundance of energy, Joey Procaccino goes about much of his day making everyone else’s day a little bit brighter.

In his role as a community advocate, an unofficial title he acquired organically through years of service to Downtown Trenton, Joey supports local businesses in any way he can. From spreading the word about the latest specials at the Big Easy, where he currently works, to posting videos on social media about TDA’s Love Local Campaign, he just wants to help keep businesses in Trenton open. All of them.

Joey not only works but also lives in the heart of New Jersey’s capital city, so he knows better than anyone just how close-knit a community it is. “I know these guys (business owners). One hand washes the other.”

When he is not working at the Big Easy, he likes to help TDA by checking in on businesses and by promoting the Love Local Campaign. He’s more than happy to deliver and post flyers, share news and updates on social media — whatever it takes to support business in downtown Trenton. “Joey is like a Goodwill Ambassador. Everyone knows him. He is a real asset to TDA and to the entire community," says Patricia Hall, Interim Executive Director of TDA.

For more than 30 years, Joey has worked in the hospitality business, primarily at restaurants in Trenton. He grew up in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, once famous for its Italian eateries and now known for its Latin restaurants. This is where he got his start, his resilient attitude and his love of good food.

“Trenton has such a nice, eclectic array of cuisines, from Spanish to Jamaican to American and Italian. We have to keep the positive stuff going,” he notes. “Right now I just want to see a little bustle in the restaurants and shops,” Joey says. “With the governor lifting more restrictions, it’s OK to come out.” He wants to make sure people feel safe and comfortable doing that and will do his part to see that happen.

“I just think you have to support local. It’s only right to support what is around you,” he adds. He is a big fan of TDA’s Love Local gift card program, which makes it easy for people to shop and dine in downtown Trenton. He encourages businesses to sign up, because the more businesses that sign up, the more people will want to buy the gift cards — and that’s good for everyone.

“This is my town, and I want to see it do the best it can.”

Joey can be found on Facebook and Instagram as "Joey Bayard."


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